Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sitting on a mat.....

Today, I found myself sitting on a mat under the trees sharing the gospel with a group of 11 women from Silver Rest Baptist Church. About 6 weeks ago our family went to this church to worship on Sunday. On that day the pastors wife announced that her husbands job was transferring him to Lusaka so they would no longer be attending or helping this church. She arranged with me to start coming and teaching the women after we finished with 40/40. So now on Thursdays I will go to Silver Rest and then on to Chainda II Baptist church. It makes for kind of long day but it is so fulfilling. I started with Creation to Christ which is a method of sharing the gospel using stories from the Bible. I was so excited to see so many women attend. Please pray for Amai Tembo who said she had been having strange dreams. She says she is born again but I'm not so sure. Next week we will be talking about Assurance of Salvation so pray that all of these women will know for sure.
At Chainda II, I was met by 6 women whom I had not seen in a little over a month. It was so good to meet with them again and hear what they had been learning in my absence and to also hear the bible verses they had memorized. Today I taught them about being multiplying disciples. It was exciting to see their faces light up when they realized that they too could teach and train others just as they had been trained. God is so good! Please pray for one of the babies on her mothers back named Loveness. She had blisters and a rash on the side of her face which was cracking and becoming like sores. Her mother took her to the clinic on Sunday and he gave her Tylenol and an antibiotic. The baby has finished the medicine and she is not better but worse. She said she would take her back to the clinic tomorrow. Pray that this child will get the medical attention that she needs and be healed.

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fair one said...

I'll be praying with you guys for these prayer needs. Blessings in Christ to you and the ones to whom God had led you to minister!