Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bush Camp

Almost two weeks ago we all set out for Petauke for the bush camp part of 40/40. It has been a very rewarding experience for us and the participants. Many of you know that I'm not much of a camper and I'll admit the first couple of days were tough but after getting into a routine we had a great time. We did have some hardships during our time there though. Our nurse, Nancy Carley got sick and had to leave and go back to Malawi to see the doctor. She is better now but did not return to the camp. Thankfully, our staff stepped up and did a wonderful job and even one of our own participants was a nurse in the states before coming to the field so we kept her a little busy also. We had two in our group get so sick that they got dehydrated and needed IV's. Thankfully, we were able to take care of that right there at camp and they did not have to go back to Lusaka. I know that below is a lot of pictures and believe me I have a lot more but just wanted to put on the blog some of my favorites. Hope you enjoy!

It is hard to keep your feet clean while living in the bush!

These were our 3 showers that all the women shared. After heating our own water we would lower the bucket in the shower and fill it with our water and then raise our bucket and take a shower.

These were our toilets.

Some of the girls heading out into the villiages.

Jack and John Sapp sitting around talking.

Anna carrying her water on her head like Africans do.

Janice Keeton filling in for our nurse who had to leave because of sickness. Thanks so much Janice!

Each afternoon we would pump water into our kettle and then heat it over the fire so we could have warm water to take a shower with.

Hannah and Anna

The children found a chamelion one day and loved letting it crawl on their arms. Zambians are afraid of these creatures as you can tell in this picture that Anna Zulu is not even letting it touch her skin.

Esther playing with Elliot and Grant during school.

Our camp.

Judy and some of the kitchen staff.

David Hooten and his two children visiting from the states, Anna and Nathanial.

This is Mark Hatfield telling the participants about Baptist Global Response. The participants also went out into the villages to ask the people what they thought were some of their physical needs.

The night before the participants left for their home stays this puff adder was found and killed. It sure is a big one! It was found where a lot of the children played during school. Thankfully, we were all finished with school at this time.

One day Jack killed a pig and roasted it over the fire for dinner.

Anna Hooten came and joined us this past week to help with the children. Here she is helping Emily with her math.

Stephan and Kay Carson who will be serving in Uganda.

From front to back these are some of our Journey girls: Johanna, Kim, Lesley, Tracey, Whitnee, and Becky.

Andreas will be serving in Sudan.

This is a picture of Mwaka having to wash her own clothes after a long day of cooking for all of us.

Each morning the participants had a devotional time in small groups.

Jack Sprayberry teaching a knot tying class.

A lot of the women got together several times during 40/40 and had a bible study on the book of Joshua.

Esther with preschoolers and Tucker waiting for lunch one day.

The boys were hunting for just the right sticks to make spears out of.

John Francis Tembo and Kevin debriefing the participants after they had gone out to the villiages.

Some people washed their own clothes by hand but then some of us paid one of the local women to wash our clothes for us.

Some of the tents that people lived in for two weeks.

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