Monday, April 21, 2008

Zach left for Kenya today

Saying Bye is never easy, especially when it is to your 15 year old son going off to boarding school in Kenya. This will be Zach's third and last term for this year. His next break will be mid-July. We had a great time with him while he was home this last month but it is still sad to see him go. Please pray for us as we are seperated from one another. Also, pray he will have a good term and do well with his school work. We just got a text from him and he is on the bus now at the airport waiting to go to school. Thank you to all who have all ready been praying.

Playing when he is supposed to be packing....
Finishing up packing...did you get your toothbrush???

Loading up.

Zach with his roommate for this term, Caleb Bolthouse. Caleb's family lives in Lusaka and works with Flying Mission.

Zach waiting in line to check in.

This is it, he is about to go through....

He's Off!

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