Monday, April 21, 2008

MK's sure can be innovative!

Adventure City is a small waterpark in the capitol city of Lusaka. We went there this weekend to celebrate Justin's 13th birthday a little early. When we arrived someone told us the power was out but it should only take about 10 min. to fix. So, we proceeded to go ahead in and wait. As you can imagine, if there is no power then the water pumps can not work. Well, we were there for almost 5 hours and the power never came back on. At first, the kids were disappointed because the water was just a little too cool for swimming so they ran up and down the slides. Then one of them had a very bright idea. They decided to take water bottles, fill them with water, and pour them out as they went down the slide. They were having so much fun that soon others caught on as well and then everyone at the water park was having fun.

Justin and Anna filling up their water bottles.

Happy 13th Birthday Justin! That is one big choc. chip cookie!

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