Friday, January 22, 2010

Kind Words

Let the words of my mouth and the mediation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my rock and my redeemer.
Psalm 19:14
Yesterday, I taught the women of Chimusanya: 1-a Christian family must use kind words, 2- We can get strength from God to use kind words, 3- Psalm 19:14 shows us how to have kind speech.
After the lesson the women had lots of good questions. One in particular stood out to me. One woman asked, "If your husband is not a Christian and then right as you are leaving to go to church he tells you to do some things and that he doesn't want you to go to church, what can you do?" Many Zambian families to not worship together. You will find most often that the wife will go to one church and the husband to another. Then sometimes you will find where one in the relationship won't go at all. Because I mainly work with women it is their side I always hear. There were two single women in the group whom I encouraged to make sure that they married a Christian man. I wanted them to learn from these other women who are not happy or having trouble with their spouse because they are unequally yoked. It can cause much hardship later on in your relationship if you are not both like-minded. It made me truly thankful for my Godly husband(which by the way is coming home finally tomorrow!). After all the questions, we memorized Psalm 19:14(above) by using some hand motions. They liked doing that a lot. We talked a bit about memorizing scripture and how difficult it may seem if you can not read. So we used hand motions for this one and then we talked about another way by making a song out of the verse to help us learn it. I even sang a song for them which was based on Matt. 22:37-39 to give them an example. As soon as I finished one of the women in the back raised her hand and said that she all ready knew of a song based on what we talked about that day. She is going to practice it this week and share it with us next week.
May we always ask God to daily help us to speak kind words to others especially in our homes where unfortunately it can be more difficult at times.

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