Thursday, January 7, 2010

MK Camp

MK Camp 2009/2010

Last week the boys were able to join their friends from all over Southern Africa and attend mk camp. Zach has been going every year since he was 12. It is a time that they both look forward to so much. A group of volunteers from the states usually come and lead in worship and teaching. This was Zach's last camp since he will be graduating in July. It was so hard to say bye to his friends that he has grown to care about so much. I wrote recently in a blog about giving to Lottie Moon that this next year all of our meetings will be canceled because of the lack of funds. This also includes the camp for all the missionary kids. The boys told me that while at camp they made a video to send to churches to help promote Lottie Moon. I think that was a fantastic idea and I'm so proud of all of our mk's to take part in that. If it goes on Youtube I'll let you know in another post. None of these are my pics. since of course I was not there but I have gotten them off of Facebook. Enjoy!

Justin, KB, and Zach

They had a masquerade party one night and they made their own masks. Zach is in the middle with the blue shirt on.

They do lots of fun activities outside in groups. They also get to swim some.

Zach enjoys helping with the worship times. This girl had written a song about mk's and asked Zach to play his guitar along with her.

sitting around the campfire.

After camp is over all the kids go to McDonalds for lunch. Can you imagine about 60 kids all in blue camp t-shirts lining up at McDonalds? What a treat for them to be able to eat there!

Zach hanging out at a friends house waiting to fly back to Zambia

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