Monday, January 25, 2010

What a day!

Our day started this morning with a phone call from a friend asking if Kevin was home yet. When I said that he was home she then proceeded to tell me that there was a flight from Beruit going to Addis Ababa which had crashed into the ocean early this morning. We immediately went to look it up on the internet. It was then that we saw that it was the same flight that Kevin had been on just the day before, probably even the same airplane. There is only one flight from Beruit to Addis each day at 2:00am. Kevin's flight from Turkey had been delayed so he missed his flight from Beruit to Addis. The airline put him up in a hotel which was nice but he would not be able to fly out of Beruit for 24 hours. If he had gotten there that night and been told that they were booked and there was not room for him he would have been on this flight that crashed. We are so thankful that he made it here safely. We are however, so sad for all those who died in that crash and for their families who are now grieving. I just keep thinking how different my day could have been today had Kevin been on that plane. Let's remember to pray for all those families who are grieving right now because of this crash.
On another note, there is an outbreak of H1N1 virus at RVA which is where Zach and Justin go to boarding school. We got an email today that Justin has been sent to the infirmary with the symptoms of this virus. As of this morning there are 69 students sick and 8 staff. Please pray for this virus not to spread any further. Pray for the health care workers who are there and all the dorm parents as they take care of all these sick children. Pray they will have strength for the job ahead.

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Momza said...

I will certainly pray and hold a good thought for your community!