Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What to do when....

......nothing seems to be going right. I have had a few days where I have felt like that since Kevin has been gone. Just to name a few: Hannah has been sick, 3 rabbits got out of the cage and our smallest dog killed them, our toilet seat broke off, two of our security lights went out, I had to mow our yard, and huge black ants have invaded our yard and decided to live in it(a lot of diesel took care of that). Another one of our dogs killed a big puff adder(poisonous snake) in our yard but got bit in the process. I'm not even a dog lover and hardly even touch the dogs but I had to pick this 45lb. dog up and put her in the back of our truck and seek medical attention. When I looked down at my shirt and saw lots of dog hairs and dog slobber I said, "I have got to win mother of the year for this one!" This has all been since Sunday, but really, every other day has been just fine. I sure do miss Kevin and not just when things are going wrong. It does make me appreciate him even more though when I have to do the things that he normally takes care of. Also, I appreciate the fact that his love language is Acts of Service. I have realized this past week that I sometimes take him for granted-what a mistake! I know that women can do all these things that men usually take care of but I just don't enjoy those kind of things. It doesn't bother me one bit that God created men to do some things better than women. I also know that God designed women to do some things better than men. I personally think that God knew what he was doing when he made men and women. Do men actually enjoy those kinds of things like I mentioned above? They must or either they just want to please us women. Either way, I am thankful for the husband that God gave me. What a special gift from God he is to me!

So what do you do when nothing seems to be going right? Do you just hide from the world? Do you just stay in bed and cry all day? No, you just have to relax and take a breath, trust God, and pray. I have learned something about myself this week. That is, that I don't always handle stressful situations too well. Especially if Kevin is not around or if things happen first thing in the morning before I even have time to have a QT and breakfast! Another thing I have learned this week is that God is faithful in any and every circumstance.

I find rest in God; only he gives me hope. Psalm 62:5
So our hope is in the Lord. He is our help, our shield to protect us. Psalm 33:20
I wait for the Lord to help me, and I trust his word. Psalm 130:5
My God will use his wonderful riches in Christ Jesus to give you everything you need. Phil. 4:19
I can do all things through Christ, because he gives me strength. Phil 4:13
Praise the Lord, God our Savior, who helps us every day. Psalm 68:19

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