Thursday, February 11, 2010

Along the River

Kevin and Kenny have been going together out on the boat along the Lunsemfwa River for the last couple of weeks. They will continue to go out for the next several weeks while the water is still high. Kevin is teaching a series of lessons to a new church. Pray for their safety as they travel each week. It is a hard trip. They drive two hours, set up the boat, travel in the boat about 45 min. and then teach. Then they have to do it all again to get back. They haven't seen any crocs. or hippos yet but that doesn't mean they are not there. Pray that the people will grasp these lessons and be encouraged by them. Pray that God would grow this church to be a lighthouse for Him in this area.
In the above pic. Kevin and Kenny are putting the boat together.

people on the bank greeting them along the way

It sure is a beautiful area.

They leave the boat at the waters edge and then walk to the village.

This week Lesley was able to go also. Here she is with some of the people at the church.

Here they are leaving the people and traveling back home.

A village along the way.

Tyler stayed with us while his parents went out with Kevin. We had a fun day as well.

Tyler liked to watch the turtle walk around.

However, he did not like it when it started getting too close. He is smiling in this pic. but as it got closer he got even closer to Hannah if that is possible.

Tyler going for a little swim.

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