Monday, February 22, 2010

Banquet 2010

The theme for Banquet 2010 was "Greece 430 BC." The juniors are the ones that make the set, do the program, and plan the food for the seniors. I was able to go the night before and see the dress rehearsal which was a lot of fun. Zach had a great time at BQ 2010! He loved the program, the food, and being with his friends on this special night.
I am so happy I was able to be a part of this special time in Zach's life during his senior year.

Here are a couple of pics. of the set.

Zach and his roommate Kevin the day of banquet.
The seniors only have a half of day of classes on the Friday of banquet. It was funny because the guys are just hanging out or doing sports and wait until about 5:30 to start getting ready for pics. at 6:15. However, the girls are busy all afternoon doing nails, fixing hair and makeup, etc.

This is the view the boys are looking at. It truly is a spectacular view from their dorm.

Here I am pinning on Zach's boutonniere.

Zach, Kevin, and Caleb

Me, Zach, and Justin


All the senior boys in his dorm with their dorm parents and their family.

Zach and his date, Sara Yost.

This is Sara's sister Hannah and her date for banquet.

The walk up.
After the guys pick up their dates they walk along a lantern lit path up to where the banquet is held. The students, teachers, sponsors, and parents line the path and cheer as each couple passes by.

Each couple walked through these columns and had their pic. taken before they walked into the banquet hall.

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The Helgren Family said...

Love it! And Zach looked so handsome! I know you are a proud mama!