Saturday, June 26, 2010

I Am Green

As we prepare to go back to the states for our stateside assignment(formerly furlough) there are so many emotions that we go through. We have had so many people ask us if we are excited about going to the states. Yes, we are excited to see our family and friends, eat out, and go shopping. But as I think about actually living in the states I begin to get a little apprehensive. After a month or so I'll be ok I'm sure but between now and then you can continue to pray for us. I found this poem meant for Third Culture Kids. It is especially hard on our kids.

I Am Green
I grew up in Blue Country
My parents grew up in Yellow Country
They tell me I am Yellow
And sometimes we go and visit Yellow Country
When I am in Yellow Country
I go to school with the Yellow kids.
I dress like the Yellow kids
And I talk like the Yellow kids.
but when I am in Blue Country
I go to school with the Blue kids.
I dress like the Blue kids
And I talk like the Blue kids.
Sometimes when I am in Yellow Country
I really miss the Blue ways.
I guess that the things I do and say,
Are really rather Bluish in color
In the same way, when I am in blue Country
There are things I miss about Yellow Country.
And I am sure the things I do and say
Appear rather Yellowish in color.
All this changing around is so confusing
Blue or Yellow? Who am I really?
I wonder if there is a place where I could just be me,
Where the Blue and the Yellow could both run free.
Sometimes when I am flying between the two places
I want to stay up there in the middle of all the races.
If only I could stop some place in between
If only I could just be GREEN!