Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rat and Bat Hunting

Sorry, I know this is a gross picture. We have a few bats that stay up in the roof of our rondoval outside during the night. Then in the mornings there is always a lot of bat poop all over the table and ground. So, yesterday as the sun was going down we walked out there and saw two bats hanging up above us so Kevin went and got Zach's compound bow and shot one of them. The other flew away. So, I guess one bat down and I'm not sure how many more to go.
We also have acrobatic rats in our attic which like to practice during the night. We are not exactly sure how they are getting in there but we are so thankful that they are not in our house. Perhaps they are coming from our neighbors house through the trees onto our house and slipping in through some hole. Who knows?? So we had to put out some rat poison. It's some tough stuff. If the rat eats it he won't go further than about one foot. That is some powerful stuff! (Don't worry it is not where any other animals or people can get to it.)

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