Monday, May 2, 2011

40/40 First few days

Here are some pictures of this session of 40/40.  Most of these pics. were taken Easter Sunday.  We celebrated with a worship service.

 These first 10 days we had 4 little ones.  They enjoyed playing together.


 Daly enjoying the swing.

 Katie, Elizabeth, and Hannah

 Sally(teacher), Nicholas, Katie, Elizabeth, Daly, and Hannah

 climbing the tree is always something our mk's enjoy doing

 Atalie with her nanny Cynthia

 In preparation for Easter we dyed easter eggs.


 Mwaka setting up the dish washing station.

 Easter Egg Hunt

 Nicholas found the egg that was in the most difficult place to find.  It was under Uncle Matts hat!


 Even some of the adults enjoyed the hunt.  The kids hid them for all the adults to find.

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