Sunday, May 15, 2011

Random pics. from our time in Lusaka-40/40

These four men came and discussed the Spirit World with the participants.
 The kids got to make homemade ice cream and do a science experiment at the same time!  Fortunately, we got to taste this treat later that night.  Yum!

 The kids made soccer balls out of plastic bags.

 Langiwe with Nathan on her back and Tyler in the front.  We are so thankful for the nannies we have had to take care of our little ones.

 Lesley was our doctor during our Lusaka time.  Thankfully, she was pretty bored since no one got sick.  Here she is teaching the children about malaria and lots of other stuff.

 Musuka leading a session.

 Justin celebrated his 16th birthday!

 Anna Grace and Attie

 Our precious kitchen staff entertained us one night after dinner with some Zambian music.

 Matt and Justin would run up and jump on this barrel and see how far they could go.


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