Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bush Camp

Most people enjoy bush camp the best.  Here are just some random pics. taken throughout bush camp.  The pic. above Hannah, Katie, Elizabeth, and Daly are soaking their feet to try to get them clean.  I think this was even after their bath.

School still continues at bush camp.

Everyday, Daly would practice her reading with Sally.

The participants riding into the boma to do one of their DFA's.

Jane Ann buying some fritas.  Yum!


Renee was our camp nurse.  She is so much fun!

Two of our participants out asking questions in a nearby village.

Here are some of our kitchen staff.  We appreciate so much all of their hard work.


Jessica, Alyssa, and Bertha coming back from their DFA.

Jane Ann and Bart sharing their appreciation to all the helpers.

Saying bye and thank you are very important.

Mat and Janet handle the logistical side of the program.  They do such a great job and we are very thankful for their faithfulness each time.

This was our home for 12 days.


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