Sunday, May 15, 2011

Visiting with the Mazyopa family

 One of our field trips with the kids is to take them to a Zambians home at the seminary campus.  The Mazyopa family graciously invited us into their home so that the kids could see a Zambian home in an urban setting.  When they get out to bush camp they will then visit a village.  In the picture above you'll see Abambo Mazyopa sharing with the kids some stories that he grew up hearing from his parents.  

 Amai Mazyopa prepared some different foods for our group to try.  

 She had prepared casava, sweet potato chips, and sugarcane for us to enjoy.

 The sugarcane treat was a big hit!



 Amai Mazyopa showing the kids how the women carry their babies on their back.

 Our kids learned a few Zambian games too.  This one is kind of like playing jacks.

 This game one person was the rat and the other was the cat.  The rat chased the cat while weaving in and out among the people in the circle.

 They learned a couple of Zambian songs. 
 The Mazyopa family

Our kids and Sally with the Mazyopa family in front of their home.

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