Thursday, May 19, 2011


 Jamie is all packed up and ready to go on her homestay.
  A homestay is where each of our participants and their families go and live with a Zambian family for 3 nights.  They get to work alongside of their host family in their fields.  The women get to cook, wash clothes, and wash dishes alongside the wife.  Then they sleep in the same home with them also.  This is usually a highlight for most participants.  This is an opportunity for the participants to take all that they have learned over the past month and then apply to this situation.  We are so thankful for our friends who have hosted so many 40/40 participants.

Bertha and her two children hosted a few of our journeygirls.

 Some have to be delivered in a truck because their homestay is quite far but then several stay in close by villages that they can walk to.

 They have to carry their things with them.

This is where Anna Grace, Jessica, and Ashley stayed.

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