Sunday, August 17, 2014

Buckets of Love

 Amai Banda had cancer in her uterus and it has spread now to her stomach and some other places as well.  Upon entering her house she immediately pulled up her shirt and showed me what I'm guessing was her colon coming out of her abdominal area with a plastic bag around it to catch any waste.  Perhaps this is a colostomy but I'm doubting this is how it is supposed to be done.  It was not clean either. Amai Banda has a neighbor who is a care giver and comes to check on her from time to time.  Other than that Amai Banda cares for herself and some young grandchildren.  As we talked she shared about how this cancer has changed her body.  There was a picture on the wall of her a couple of years before.  She was a heavy set woman and now she is very small.  I shared Christ with her and she said she was a believer all ready.  Pray for her as she deals with this cancer and goes to get chemo once a week.  It is not easy for to get to the hospital for this treatment each week.  She was very thankful the BGR bucket we were able to give her.

The next patient we went to visit was Mr. Mwale.  He had a stroke a while back which left him paralyzed on his left side.  His son had to help him get from his curled up position in the chair to sitting up.  He couldn't talk much either or at least we couldn't understand anything that he said.  I know he must appreciate our visit and gift but he never smiled the whole time we were there.  His wife used to be a care giver but she died a couple of years ago.  Of course, that makes me think there is more to his story than what was shared with us.  There is always more to the story.....
As you think of Mr. Mwale, pray for him and his two sons who try to care for him.

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