Wednesday, August 6, 2014

On the road

In America, as you travel, you can just about always find a good place to get off the interstate and find a good place to eat and use the bathroom.  In Africa, there is not always a good place to stop.  In fact, most often we just pull over and go in the bushes to do our business.  On a recent trip I decided to take a couple of pictures of an actual ladies bathroom we found along the way which we had to pay 2 kwacha to use(about 30 cents).  Not sure what the 2 kwacha was for because there certainly was not any toilet paper.

 There were two choices.  We could use this one which is open air and has part of the wall missing.

 Or we could use this hole in the floor where it was already wet all over the place.  There was no door either.  There was a wall right outside of the door so there was a bit of privacy.

 This is the restaurant we ate at in this small market.

 We had chicken and chips which were quite tasty.

 market area

 After lunch we continued our journey which had us driving through a game park for a little while.  We got to see Elephants, warthogs, monkeys, and several different species in the antelope family.

 On our way home we drove through another game park for just about 20 kms and got to see Giraffe.

The roads were bumpy in places.  We ran into road construction in several places.  Then there were lots of potholes a long the way as well.  I can't even begin to tell you the number of speed bumps we went over either.  The speed bumps are at every little town you drive through. As hard as it is to travel in Africa though it is always an adventure and worth it to see God's creation.  We are blessed to live in such an amazing place!

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