Friday, August 8, 2014

Trip out West-Medical Clinic

Hannah took peoples blood pressure and Gerri wrote it down in their book.

Then the patients would go and see Melissa to see how she might offer advice and or medicine to help them feel better.  

While the patients waited Kevin preached and shared the gospel.  Then they would come to me and share their complaints and I would write it down in their medical book.  This picture above was at the end of the time.  As I heard their problems my heart broke.  I think sometimes they just wanted someone to listen to them and then other times they really had medical problems that needed attention.  The very first patient brought a specimen with her and showed it to me.  I won't tell you what it was but let me just say I tried not to show my freaked out face on the outside but believe me I was freaking out on the inside. Ha!  I can't remember how many Melissa said we saw that day but it was a lot in just a few hours.  I remember looking at my watch after one hour and still seeing the waiting room full.  Even though we saw some hard things and heard some sad stories it was a good day trying to be the hands and feet of Christ to these who were hurting. 

There is so much sand in Mongu!!  It is so deep in places as well.  We had to go in 4 wheel drive to get to the clinic just because of the sand.  


Melissa ministers in 3 different clinics each week.  Normally, she has two helpers go with her to just visit and share the gospel with people who wait.  As a result of this ministry 4 different teaching points have started.  Pray for Melissa as she does this ministry on a weekly basis.  Pray for her to have good health and strength for this task.  Pray for the people she sees at the clinic to not only get physical help but spiritual help as well. 

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