Wednesday, August 20, 2014

From a caregiver to one who receives care

 Once a caregiver, Alice, now lays on a reed mat close to death.  When I walked in to her small unfinished home she was lying on her stomach on a reed mat.  At first, I thought I had mistakenly heard wrong and that it was not an adult woman we were to visit but a small child.  That is what she looked like to me lying under the blankets.  Her daughter woke her up and helped roll her over so she could receive the visitors.  I recognized her when I saw her face.  Alice had been a caregiver who went out with me a couple of times to give out BGR buckets some time back.  Now, she needed someone to care for her and we were there to bring her a BGR bucket.  She couldn't talk much or loudly because she was so weak.  She would whisper in the caregiver's ear her response to my questions.  I shared a story from the bible and some of my testimony and then asked her if she had ever repented of her sins and decided to follow Jesus.  She said she had a long time ago.  

Matilda opened the bucket and began taking out each item explaining to her and her daughter how to use each thing.  Thankfully, her daughter stays with her and is helping to care for her at this time.  Her daughter was so appreciative of the BGR bucket and said the things inside the bucket would help her to care for her mother better. 

 It has been 6 days since I made this visit.  I just called to check on Alice and she is still living but very weak.  Please pray for her to feel God's comfort and presence in her last days.  Pray for her daughter to have strength each day to care for her sick mother.

****This week I got a call saying that Alice had passed away on the 26th.

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