Sunday, August 10, 2014

Trip out West-Children's Ministry

On our trip to the Western Province of Zambia we got to go out one day with another missionary that lives there named Gerri.  She does a lot of children's ministry.  We were able to visit one of the places she goes.  The children sang songs for us, quoted lots of bible verses and the books of the bible, and did a sketch!  We were so impressed at how hard they had worked to learn all these things.

 This little girl was so cute!  We kept trying to get her to let us hold her but she wouldn't let us.  As we saw her walking around and playing we noticed she had a charm around her waist.  This area that Gerri is working in has a lot of witchcraft.  Pray for this child and her family to put their faith in Christ and not in witchcraft.

 They did a sketch of the Battle of Jericho when the Israelites marched around Jericho, carrying the Ark of the Covenant, and blowing their horns, then the walls fell down.

 We then went outside and played games with the kids.  It was neat to see Hannah just say the beginning of the game and they would finish her sentence showing they knew the game.  

 Kevin even played "Do like I do..."

 Gerri had some moves too! 

 We were invited to see the man in the village who is the blacksmith.  It was neat to see these men work.

 This man carved the handles.

This is the church in the village.  
The main church leader in this village has now divorced his wife and is seeing another woman. He has even taken his daughter’s Bible [that she received for memorizing 50 verses], sold it and given the money to the second wife to help pay the bridal price. Please pray that he took to heart teachings from the book of 1 John this past week as a volunteer team worked in this area.  Pray he will be convicted of his sin and do what he needs to do to get right with God.

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