Monday, March 2, 2015

Bridal Shower

 My mother hosted a shower for Megan and Zach Saturday.  It was so much fun! 
She did a beautiful job decorating and the food was really good too.

 My mom putting food on the plates.

 left to right: Zach, Kevin, Megan, Betty Jo, Aunt Mildred, and Joannis

 Hannah with her great aunt Katie
We enjoyed Malawi Shandy's while people arrived.

 the pinning!  thankfully, I didn't stick anyone


 All the guests put their thumb print on this tree of life so Zach and Megan will have a record of who was at the shower.


 Janie helped serve the food

 Amy and Joannis

 Mickey and Zach


 We had chicken salad, fruit, orzo salad, and lemon blueberry bread.  I forgot to take a picture of the desert but it was choc. eclair cake and it was delicious!


 We all wrote advice down for the couple and then read it to them.


 Zach and Megan received a couple of cards from people in Zambia.

 Kevin played some Zambian music and each guest danced in and presented their gift to the couple.  They then explained what the gift was or how to use it.  This is just a small way we brought in a little of Zambian culture.
 Kevin's mom dancing in.

 Even though most people weren't crazy about dancing in quite a few of them really got in to it and had fun.

 Janie and Becky

 Karen made this beautiful quilt for them.

 My aunt Patsy

 my dad

 He brought a cordless screw driver for Zach.

 My mom giving her gift.

 This is a cedar chest from Malawi which we brought as a gift.
 Zach and Megan

 At the end of the shower Kevin turned on the music again and Zach started a dance and then others joined in behind.  It was such fun!

It was a beautiful day!

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