Saturday, March 21, 2015

Reception Fun!

 Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers

 While Zach and Megan and their families got their food all the other tables each had to perform a love song before they could get their food.  This was such a cute idea and it made the time go by faster and everyone was entertained.  The above group are people from our family.  They sang, "Stop!  In the name of Love."

 Me and my sweetie

 Father and Bride dance

Mother and Groom dance

 Husband and wife's first dance!  

 Zach's wedding gift to Megan was a song he wrote, played the guitar, and sang to. She was totally surprised!  It was a beautiful song which he had professionally recorded.  Megan will treasure that song forever!


 Lots of dancing!
I loved seeing my mom and dad dance some.  They had a good mixture of older songs and some more current songs so everyone enjoyed that.

 I love this picture because to me it depicts the whole evening....FUN!

 me and my sister, Angie

 We watched the video Zach made of when he proposed to Megan.  It was so sweet and romantic!

It was so good to see mk's we had not seen in a long time.

 Justin, KB, and Hannah

 mk's who served in Zambia, Botswana, and Kenya

 These girls had so much fun dancing!

 It was such a joy to see old friends who we had not seen in a long time.

Zach and Megan with the Sutton Family

We went to college with Ray and Angie Sutton and were involved with CCC together.  Even though we don't get to see them often they will always be life long friends!

 The MC had all the married couples get on the dance floor.  Then he called out different years of marriage and had them sit down.  The ones left on the dance floor were the ones who had been married the longest.  There were several right at 50 years and over!  

 Justin giving a speech

 Hannah giving her speech.  Sweet thing cried all the way through it but did a great job!

 Zach and Megan listening to the speeches.

 They played a game where the mc asked a question and then they had to raise either Zach or Megan's shoe to answer.

 Zach taking off the garter.

 Looks like someone had made up their mind that they were going to get it!

 Brother and sister, Wesley and Rebekah Neeley caught the flowers and garter.

 cutting the cake


 There was also a candy table.
Since 3-14 was national Pi day they also had a pie table!

 They were having so much fun!

 Time to leave!  They walked out under a string of bells held by the guests.

  Thank you to all who came and helped celebrate Zach and Megan's marriage.  It was a super special day for our families!

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