Monday, March 9, 2015

Celebrating 50 years of marriage!

 Here comes the bride!!  Yesterday we helped celebrate Kevin's parents 50th wedding anniversary.  Their actual anniversary is May 7th but we would not be here then so we planned it for when we could be a part of this special occasion.  This was a total surprise!  They renewed their vows together!
Zach walking his grandmoma down the aisle.

 We told Kevin's mother we were going to take a picture of all the ladies in the family so she needed to get dressed up.  We then left and went to the church.  When we got in the church Joannis(Kevin's sister) told her she needed to change dresses in to this pretty white dress.  We then told her what was happening.  Tears came to her eyes!  She seemed pretty happy about this.
Meanwhile, after we left the house Kevin had to tell his daddy.  I don't think he enjoyed being surprised and only given like 30 min. to get ready but he complied and then really enjoyed the ceremony and dinner.

 Kevin did the service.  Joannis and Justin stood with them.

 renewing their vows

 "You may kiss your bride!"

 They sure are smiling!!

 The Rodgers ladies

Joannis and her mom

 Joannis did a great job decorating and setting everything up.

 It was so special to see all the family and friends who came to help celebrate.

 Hannah, Megan, and Zach

 Zach is introducing the video he made with pictures from their past 50 years together.

  Joannis shared their love story.

 Many people shared stories about Roy and Betty Jo.  It was a strong testimony of their love and God's faithfulness throughout the years!

 Kevin sharing

 I hate this picture turned out blurry but wanted to share it anyway.  Instead of Betty Jo throwing her flowers she gave them to Megan who will be marrying Zach next Saturday.  Then Roy prayed for their upcoming wedding and marriage.

Roy thanking everyone who had come.
These last two pics were taken after we got home.  

 It was a real special afternoon and evening and we are so glad we were able to be here to participate.
May God grant them many  more years together!

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