Friday, March 20, 2015

Wedding Day!

 Hannah spent the night with Megan and Rachel at her grandparents house.  The next morning they began getting ready with fixing their hair and doing their makeup.  Of course, there were lots of pics taken as well.  Hannah's cousin, Michaela, came and fixed Hannah's hair.  She did a waterfall braid and then curled it.

 Meanwhile, my sister, Angie came and fixed my hair.  My sweet niece painted my nails for me.
It is fun to be pampered!

 We had lunch at the church and then got dressed.  
Zach getting ready

Justin getting all dressed up.
 Here comes the bride!!

Kevin did the ceremony and did an excellent job.  
There was even a foot washing ceremony and Zach and Megan's parents prayed over the couple when it was over.  

 Mr. and Mrs. Rodgers!!

 Here are just a few pictures that were taking afterwards.

 Zach with Justin and Michael

 Megan with Hannah and Rachel

so cute!

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