Monday, March 23, 2015

Random Pics from our trip to the states

 Here some random pictures I took while in the states that didn't really fit in to any of my other posts.
Hope you enjoy them!
 We had a short layover in Abu Dhabi and they had a McDonalds so we headed there ASAP!!
It didn't even matter that it was like 5:30am!

 When we got to the states there was lots of snow!  It was beautiful as we were landing in DC.

 Zach and Hannah sliding down the hill behind his apartment.

 Kevin and Hannah enjoyed Starbucks a couple of times.

 Breakfast one day at my Moms house.  She is such a good cook!!  I love eggs benedict!

 Kevin and Zach playing the Wii.

 Justin and Zach playing with Jake at their grandparents house.

 Me and Hannah waiting outside Justin's dorm.

Justin's dorm at Liberty

 Hannah's best friend, Evie, moved back to the states last year from Zambia.  She only lived 1 1/2 hours away from Lynchburg so we(her parents and us) surprised her by meeting them for dinner and then Hannah was able to go and stay at her house for a few days.  

We are so thankful they had this time together!
It's so neat when you have a friendship with someone and it doesn't matter how long you are separated you can still pick right back up together like you were never apart.

 The Smiths leaving

 This is where Zach lives.

 Zach planning the music for the reception.

On the day we traveled to the rehearsal we stopped at Virginia Diner and met up with some of Zach and Justin's friends for lunch.  Here is Justin, Troy, Zach, Caleb, and Kevin K.  These guys traveled a very long distance to come for the wedding.  We are so thankful for mk's!

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