Thursday, July 31, 2008

Baptism at the Lunsemfwa River

This past Sunday Kevin went to the Lunsemfwa River for church. He was meeting with one of the new churches there that the volunteer team from Arkansas helped to plant. He met with all of those that were supposed to be baptized. Then they held a baptismal service down at the river. Kevin first baptized a few new believers to show one of the leaders, Jeffery, how to do it and then he took over and baptized the rest. Sometimes our church leaders think that it has to be a missionary that baptizes all the people. But Kevin just teaches the leaders how to do it so they can do it in the future. There were 11 all together that day that showed up to be baptized.

Kevin preaching from the water. You see how shallow he is here. Remember there are critters in this water.

Kevin baptizing a young person.

Here is a woman that as soon as she went down into the water she started manifesting demons. It took these two men and then another to drag her up onto the land. These men prayed for her and the demons went away. The demons said they were going back to the water.

Now, it is Jeffery's turn to baptize.

This lady was 80 years old. Amen!!

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