Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Team Is Back

Well, I am disappointed to say that my husband was the only one on the team who had a digital camera and he didn't take any pictures the whole time they were out. One of the team members said he would send us a disc of the pictures he took with his camera once he gets them developed, so maybe later I can post some pictures.
The team was all ready to travel back yesterday but Kevin's truck wouldn't start. I failed to mention earlier that we have been having truck problems for a while. We thought it had gotten fixed but evidently it had not. They worked on it for about 40 minutes trying every trick in the book until it finally started and they headed back to our house. Kevin dropped them off and went on to Lusaka to put our truck in the shop. Everyone took showers and then came in for lunch. It was so much fun to sit around the table and hear story after story of all that God had done over the last 6 days.

Cherished Moments...
-I asked the team if the trip was all that they had expected and they all said it was so much better than what they had thought it would be. They all felt like God had taught them so much personally from the people.
-Although the people are in hunger they sacrificed and provided enough food for the team(along with what Kevin took) and many who just camped out with them. The people came to watch the Jesus Film and brought a mat and then just slept there at night.
-They were amazed at God's creation. They were able to see crocodiles, hippos, a spitting cobra, a black mamba(snake), baboons, and lots of birds. God protected them from all of these things yet they still had the adventure of seeing it all.
-During the days they went out doing hut to hut evangelism. They were amazed at how much the people wanted to stop what they were doing and listen to what they had to share. As they were out sharing one on one, many prayed to receive Christ.
-At night they would show the Jesus Film to a crowd of people. Many prayed to receive Christ afterwards during the invitation.
-At the first location when they met for church on Sunday there was a crowd of about 120 people including children. Some of these were from one of our existing churches near by but there was still a good group of people that will become this new church body.
-At the second location there was about 60 people for the service. Kevin said that most of those were not in any church and will make up this new church plant.

...Fond Memories
- David is a pastor of a church in Arkansas. He came with a church member, Terry, and his youth pastor, Daniel. The first full day out witnessing hut to hut David walked a long ways. He could tell he was getting blisters on his feet but couldn't really do anything about it while he was out. When they got back to their camp he took his shoes off and he had two big blisters, one on each foot, about the size of a silver dollar. These two godly men from his church ministered to their pastor by washing his feet, draining the blisters, and taking care of him.
- Jimmy is a Director of Missions in this area where these other men live. He said he was out sharing the gospel and this one young man around 17 years old followed them around and heard the gospel at least 3 times. At the last stop he prayed to receive Christ. Later, he came up to Jimmy smiling very big and said how happy he was now that he was born again.
- As Kevin was in camp one afternoon preparing for showing the Jesus Film a woman came to him and said she had demons. After the film she prayed to receive Christ and was delivered from her demons that had been troubling her for many years. She came back later and said that she was so happy that she was free from the bondage of Satan.
-The four team members left this morning to go to Victoria Falls for a couple of days. They will go shopping, go on a game drive and see lots of animals, and see the Falls. They will return on Friday afternoon and then fly back to the states on Saturday. Pray for this team as they enjoy some more of God's creation in Vic. Falls and as they fly back to the states. Pray that the things they learned while here will forever be imprinted in their minds and hearts. Pray all the people that were saved would begin to grow in their relationship with God and that God would grow and bless these two new churches.

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