Thursday, July 17, 2008

A lesson to learn

This past Sunday we went to worship with Mphamvu Baptist Church. At the end of church the women were asking if I could come and teach them on Thursdays. I had to tell them that I was all ready teaching at two different churches on that day but since it was on the way to Silver Rest Baptist Church perhaps I could pick them up along the way. So, today I picked up 9 women from Mphamvu and headed to Silver Rest where we met 14 other women. All together there were 23 women. I was amazed that there were so many.
Today I taught on 2 Tim. 2:2 "The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also." I tried to cast a vision for multiplying trainers or disciples by sharing a story of how Jesus taught the disciples, they taught Barnabas, he taught Paul, Paul taught Timothy, Timothy taught faithful believers, and so on. I asked them to think about the person who told them about Christ and then asked them to think about what if that person had not told them. I said, "imagine if you and one other woman were the only two Christians among 5000 people. You would have two choices in how to reach the others for Christ. 1- You and your friend lead 50 people to Christ each year. This would take 100 years, or 2- You and your friend can win two people to faith in the next six months and train them. In the next six months the four of you can win four and train them. Then in the next six months those 8 can become 16 and so on....At that rate it could be done in 5 1/2 years. Which will reach your town/village faster?" They all said that the second choice was the best and fastest. They said that 100 years was way to long to reach 5000 people. It was amazing to kind of watch the light bulb come on as they began to see how God could use them to tell others about Christ.

Amai Banda is a friend of mine that I have not seen in over a year. She came to the women's meeting today and she told me she had been very sick. When she stood up I was surprised to see that half of one of her leg was missing and she was using crutches. She told me that the doctors had to take part of her leg off and now it also looks like her big toe on the other leg will have to removed. She said she is diabetic. She no longer has any sugar on anything. She is not taking the medicine the doctor has asked her to. She said that she is just trusting Jesus to take care of her. When I asked the women what they needed to obey from the story today. She said, "I need to tell others about Jesus- my family, my neighbors, and my friends. I need to train them so that they can tell others too." So then miss missionary that I am told her that in her condition it would be hard for her to get out and tell others. I wasn't trying to give her a way out I was just stating the obvious. I mean I had just seen her hobble over to the mat just 15 feet from where she had been. Anyway, she said back to me, "oh no, it is my job as a Christian. I can get along just well on my one leg. God will help me."
I told a friend of mine this week that every time I go to teach the women teach me something in return. Today, Amai Banda taught me that no matter what is ailing me I shouldn't come up with excuses to not go out and tell others about Christ. If this woman can go out and walk with one leg and crutches then what is stopping me? Is something stopping you from sharing?

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Dale said...

Suzie & Kevin,
Thank you so much for your taking time to share your life in Zambia with those of us that so dearly love and miss the Zambian people! My family has been blessed to join along many missionaries in Zambia since 2000. Daren & Shawna Davis, Melissa Frady, Kit & Mary Ann Smith, Sky & Daniel Scott, Mark & Stacey Conard, Mike & Lindy Howard, Mike & Vicky Ramsey, Geri Helton, Brian & Teri Stubblefieldve just to name a few.
May the Lord's Blessings continue to shower your family,