Saturday, July 26, 2008


For the last two weeks each time I went to Chainda II Baptist Church the women did not show up. One week they were out in the field and the other they were at a funeral. This week everyone was there. I still had my same lesson that I had prepared to do 3 weeks before. I was going to tell the story of The Prodigal Son. You know I just don't believe that it was by accident that those women were not there for those two weeks. I don't think I was ready to tell that story until this past Thursday. Of course, there are several things you could focus on when telling this story but I chose to focus on how we are to forgive others. I asked the women if they were the father in this story if they would forgive their son in this same situation. They all said no. Why is forgiveness so difficult? Why is it so hard to even ask for forgiveness? Just this week something happened in our life that made it impossible for me not to forgive several people. Thursday morning while preparing/practicing this lesson the Holy Spirit very clearly spoke to my heart in such a way that I knew I could not teach this lesson unless I forgave these people. I told the women my story of what happened and it really spoke to them that I could forgive. So, was I supposed to share this story 3 weeks ago when I was first meant to? No, I think Thursday was in God's perfect timing.

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