Thursday, August 14, 2008

Chongwe Bible School

In the area that we serve in we have 3 Bible Schools. One is here in Chongwe where we live. Another is in Manenekela association which is about 1 1/2 hours away. Then lastly, we have one in Luangwa which is about 3 hours away from our home. These Bible Schools are not like Vacation Bible School for children in the USA. It is for adults who want to go a little deeper in God's Word. Usually, these are pastors or church leaders that come. In the past the students have had to complete 5 books of TEE(Theological Education by Extension) before coming to Bible School. Recently, this has been changed and they no longer have to complete these books. It is quite a big committment for the students. They have to come for one week, 3 times a year, for three years. This is a big sacrifice for them to leave their homes and travel to a central location to study the Word of God.

This picture was taken this week at Chongwe's Bible School. There are about 14 students this session.

Pray the students would come each time eager to learn and study God's Word. Then that they will take what they learn and teach it to others in their churches.
Pray for their families back at home as they are separated for one week.
Pray the students will persevere through the program so that at the end of three years they will be able to graduate.

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