Friday, August 1, 2008

What kind of person does God use?

Yesterday at Chainda II Baptist Church we discussed what kind of person God uses. I told the story of Daniel and the lions den from Daniel chapter 6. Then we looked at these 6 qualities of Daniel and tried to apply them to us.

1-Person of Prayer
2-Person of Praise
3-Obeys the word at all cost
4-Offers life to God daily
5-Fears God more than Man
6-Seeks to multiply themselves by training others

The one that we spent the most of our time talking about was #3-Obeys the word at all cost. If you remember the story of Daniel, he obeyed God rather than man. He continued to pray to God even when he was told not to. So I asked them to think of examples in their life where they needed to obey God over what man said. Here are some of their examples: don't go to the witch doctor when our family says we should, don't make beer for funerals, don't go to the traditional celebrations or rituals. Then they asked me, "so is it a sin for us to give money to the headman that will be used for these traditional celebrations. People will come and collect k2,000(about .75 cents) per person or a bag of mealie meal, or whatever. If we do not pay we can be kicked out of the village." These are the type of things that Zambians have to deal with on top of things like poverty, AIDS, hunger, etc. Please pray for these women and people all over Zambia to have wisdom to know when they should take a stand and when they shouldn't.
I challenged the women to think about whether they were a person that God could use. Were they a woman of prayer, a woman of praise, etc. ? What about you? Are you the kind of person that God can use?

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