Friday, August 8, 2008


This week Kevin traveled to a very distant place called Mboshya. It took Kevin 15 hours to get home yesterday. He got up at 4:30am, packed, and left by 5:30am. He arrived home around 8:30pm and was very tired. He told me many stories about his trip but this one really stuck out to me. These people had only seen one other white person in their life, a Catholic priest that lives out there. They don't have electricity, grocery stores, cell phones, or ice. On the last day Kevin was emptying the cooler he had brought and all the kids came over to see this stuff he was dumping out. As he began to explain what ice was he had to run and get his camera so you could see just how excited these kids were over ICE. One of the men that went with Kevin explained what it was and gave a piece to each child. Kevin said they all smiled and said things like "aahhhh" when they touched it because they were not expecting it to be cold. I wish you could see the video he made but it is too big to put on here. Wow! What a reminder of how I take so many things for granted.

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