Friday, August 8, 2008

Kevin's Trip

On this trip I was able to visit Mboshya Baptist Church which was started about 1 1/2 years ago. Since that time this church started Mwenda and Tumbwe Baptist Churches without the help of a missionary. This is a very good thing because a lot of times churches believe that the missionary has to plant the church. In each of these places, I showed the Jesus film and many came forward to ask Jesus into their hearts. I was very encouraged to see all that these people had done all on their own and how they had grown spiritually in this short amount of time. I didn't get a picture of Mboshya Baptist church but that is where the ice story happened(see below). Please pray for these 3 churches to continue to grow in the midst of some persecution. They are surrounded by another denomination that will not help them in any way because they are Baptist. It will be a long time before I go back. The distance was just too far. A safari operator is in the process of building a bridge on the Lunsemfwa river. If and when this is done it will be a much quicker trip, maybe just 5-6 hours away instead of 15. So, pray that this bridge would be built soon.

This is the first church we got to, called Mwenda. You can see where they constructed crude benches for the Jesus Film program we would have at night

This is the truck with some of our equipment out back. This truck is provided for us by your giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. The mountains I had to go through were quite steep and dangerous. Thankfully, this truck was up for the task. Behind the truck is a grass shelter they erected so we could put up our tents inside and have some privacy.

This the Mwenda Baptist Church building from the outside

And from the inside, full of people!

The second church we went to was called Tumbwe and we could not get the truck all the way to the church building so we had to walk a few kilometers across the valley carrying our equipment.

Tumbwe is named after the nearby Tumbwe stream and you can see that they are able to grow crops year round here. This is quite unusual in Zambia and it is nice for these people. This is a bean field.

We had to walk across a little creek too. This wasn't as easy coming back late at night in the pitch black.

Almost there... Tumbwe seen from a distance.

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