Sunday, July 17, 2011

A Blessing!

 Saturday morning we had a time of orientation for the team at the guest house.  Afterwards we went to eat lunch.  Most of us ate at Wimpy's which is a local hamburger restaurant.  It's not McDonalds but it will do!  After lunch Kevin had to run some errands and pack up the trailer.  I took most of the team to a local market  so they could buy a few things.  They got to try out their bargaining skills too!  Then I dropped the team back at the guest house so they could rest some while I went and cooked dinner for that evening for the team.  What a blessing to have the team in our home!  We had Mexican food and then sat around and talked.  We had each one go around and tell how God had led them to come to Zambia and how He had provided for them to get here.  God is so amazing!!  I love to hear stories of how God provides in situations like this.  God has each of these 9 team members on a very special journey this week.  I can not wait to hear all about it when they get back. 

Above: Les, Mason, and Krista

 Hannah was pretty excited that they did the dishes since it was her night.

How in the world David fell asleep with everyone around him talking I'll never know!

We have been so impressed with this whole team but especially the youth that are on this trip.  There are four young people on the team with a definite heart for missions.  I guess we normally have teams with mainly adults so it has been really neat to have these young people around.  May God work in and through them all this week!

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