Friday, July 8, 2011

Our Crate Arrived!

 If you will remember back at the beginning of March we packed up our crate and sent it on its way to Zambia.  I believe it actually didn't leave the states until after we arrived in Zambia on March 21st.  It traveled all the way across the ocean to South Africa and then by truck to Zambia and finally to our house this past Sat.
 Hannah and Evie watching as the door was taken off.  
Nothing broke but we did have a couple of liquid things leak.  Nothing was ruined though so that is good.  
It was so much fun to unpack everything although a bit overwhelming as to where to put everything.  Now, almost a week later almost everything has finally found a spot.

We learned how to pack many years ago when we first came to Zambia.  All this in this picture was stuffed in a queen size box spring.  Amazing!
It is so nice to have some things from America!

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Now you can feel more at home!!!