Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A week of ministry for a volunteer team

 Wouldn't you like to give one week out of your summer to go and do mission work somewhere in the world?
There are many like this little boy above who need the opportunity to hear the Good News about Jesus!
We have had a great volunteer team come from NC this past week to work among the Soli people.  Many people were saved and two churches were started.  This past Sunday 9 people met in Kanakantapa D village and then 15 others met at Mphango to begin church.  Please pray for the leaders at Kanakantapa Baptist Church since they will be going there on Sundays for a while to help both of these two new church plants.
Hope you enjoy these pictures from their week out in the bush.

Pastor Kamanga praying with this woman.
 If I could play music on this blog I would be playing the song by Casting Crowns called, "Until the Whole World Hears."  So, since I have not attempted that before I'll just put the words to the song on here.

 "Lord, I want to feel with Your heart
See the world through Your eyes
I want to be Your hands and feet
I want to live a life that leads
Ready yourselves, ready yourselves"
 "Let us shine the light of Jesus in the darkest night
Ready yourselves, ready yourselves
May the powers of darkness tremble as our praises rise."

                                                         Until the whole world hears, 
                                                             Lord, we are calling out
Lifting up Your name for all to hear the sound
Like voices in the wilderness we're crying out
And as the day draws near
we'll sing until the whole world hears.

 "Lord let your sleeping giant rise
Catch the demons by surprise
holy nations sanctify
Let this be our battle cry
Ready yourselves, ready yourselves."

"Let us shine the light of Jesus in the darkest night."

 The girls had the opportunity to play netball with some of the girls.

 Lindsay and Mason sharing at one of the schools.  In both locations where the team went they were able to minister in both schools.  They were able to share their testimonies and the gospel.

 They gave each school a couple of soccer balls.  The kids were very excited about this gift.

One of the schools with their balls.
 Each night they showed the Jesus film.  They took turns sharing a message during the film.  Above David is sharing on their last night out.  Many people prayed to receive Christ this past week.
 Two ladies from Kanakantapa Baptist church came along too this past week to help cook for the team and be translators.

 Each day the team went out to invite people to come to see the Jesus film and to witness to people.

They had the opportunity to help draw water.
and cook!
Haley having a QT.
Nshima, cabbage, and chicken-Yum!  This is a traditional meal here in Zambia.

Les out sharing with people.

Kevin looking snuggable

Jimmy shaking hands.
Someone in the village died so Kevin and two others went to the funeral.  They had to walk 3 miles there and back so they were gone for a while.  Most of the people at the funeral were in  a cult.  They asked Kevin to share so of course he shared the gospel.  All those people at one time were able to hear the Truth!  Praise God!

One of the schools challenged our team to a soccer match.  Our team gave it a good try but they lost 2-0.
I don't think this pic. though is from the actual soccer match.
They had a good week of ministry and then packed up and headed to Livingston.  I'll post pictures from that part of the trip later.

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