Monday, July 11, 2011

Life in Lusaka

 Many people might think that since Lusaka is the capital city of Zambia that it is really nice.  It is true that there are parts of Lusaka that are quite nice but there is another part of Lusaka called Compounds that many people never see.  Lusaka is a huge city with many different compounds.  It seems that the Lord is directing us to work among some of the churches in these compounds to help encourage them and do leadership training with them.  Some are even without pastors and could really use some help.  Recently, we were in what is called Chipata compound and I took some pictures as we were driving through.  

 For most of this compound there was an actual road which is very uncommon.  Normally, as you drive through a compound there are many pot holes and not much of a road.  You can see there is lot of activity in the compound.  These are mini buses in the above picture which is one mode of transportation in Lusaka.

 There are several people in the compound that sell charcoal for a living as you can see in several of the  pics.  

 The small houses are very close to one another.

 This time of year many people are buying charcoal because it is so cool.  They use it for cooking and to keep warm. 

 Throughout the market area you will find lots of people trying to sell things.  In the above pic. they are selling popcorn.

 The compound is very different from the village where we worked before.  A village is very clean but as you can see the compound has a lot of trash just lying around.

Hope you have enjoyed this little tour of a compound.  Please pray for these people who live in the compounds of Lusaka.  Pray for good health, safety, that they would stay warm at night, and especially for their salvation.  Pray for us as we discern exactly what God would have us to do among the compounds.

2 comments: said...

Hi Suzie, have seen pics of compounds on computer before and that is what I thought..was going to ask you about..that in a way, the bush villages better than for example clean but compounds not so. Also, not so crowded together.
Be careful to take good care of yourself.

The Helgren Fam said...

Love this post! Great perspective and we are praying for you guy in your continued transition to the city!