Friday, July 15, 2011

Volunteer Team

We are so excited that a volunteer team from Garner, NC have come to Zambia.  We are especially excited because they are from our home church in Garner where we stay during our furloughs.  This will be the first time for Highland Baptist Church to send a team to work along side of us.  They arrived today and will be here until the 25th of July.  I have put some prayer requests below if you would take the time to pray for them this next week as they minister among the Soli people.  I'll try to update along the way if I can.

Prayer Requests for the team:

-Friday-July 15th-Arrival day.  Pray for a good nights rest.  Praise God for a good trip and that all their luggage arrived with them.
-Sat. July 16th- Orientation day-Pray for the team to be able to listen and learn from the orientation so that they will be better prepared for their week of ministry.
-Sun. July 17th-We will be traveling about 45 min. outside of Lusaka to the Chongwe area where we used to live and work.  We will worship with Kanakantapa Baptist Church and have lunch with the pastor and his family.  After lunch we will travel to Kanakantapa D village and set up camp, go out and invite people to come see the Jesus film, and show the Jesus film that night.  Please pray  for good heath, good attitudes, Jesus film equipment to work, and many people to come and watch the Jesus film and give their lives to Christ.  Pray for the one who will be preaching and that the translator will understand what he is saying and accurately translate the message to the people.  Sometimes when going into new areas we will find more witchcraft and demon possession.  Pray that people will break free from the bondage of both of these and that the team will handle these situations well.  Since the team will be sleeping in tents each night pray they will stay warm since this is our cold season.
-Mon. July 18th-Tues. July 19th-The day will begin with follow up with the ones the night before who prayed to receive Christ.  Pray for the ones who will be doing discipleship to clearly articulate the truth of God's Word.  Part of the team will go out hut to hut witnessing and the other part will stay at the school and do ministry there with the students.  Sometimes when you get a lot of kids together with some people from the states it can be a little chaotic.  Pray for the children to be good and to really listen.  Pray for the team to shine the light of Jesus so that others may want what they have-a relationship with Christ.  Pray they would be challenged with the Word of God to follow Christ.   Pray for hearts to be prepared and ears to listen as the team witnesses each day.  Pray for another good crowd of people to come and watch the Jesus film.  Sometimes large crowds also draw drunk people.  Pray there will not be any disruptive people during the film, preaching, or invitation.
Tues. July 19th-around 2:00 the team will have packed up their tents and will be moving to another location called  Mphango.  They will set up camp again and start the same program as before until the evening of the 21st.  Pray just like you have on the days before this.
Friday July 22nd the team will pack up and head to Livingston to see Victoria Falls and some animals.  Please pray for safe travel and a good trip.
Sunday July 24th the team travels back to Lusaka.  Again pray for safe travel.  Pray for a restful night.
Monday July 25th around lunch time they will head to the airport and begin their travels back to America.  Pray their hearts will be full and that they will have time to reflect on all that God has done in the past week in their lives and in the lives of Zambians.

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The Helgren Family said...

So excited for y'all! Nothing like having people from "home" in your home! We are praying for them and for the work that God has for them!