Monday, December 19, 2011

Do you always pray before you teach?

When I go to teach the palliative care women in Ng'ombe compound the plan is that Hannah will go with me and teach some of the kids that go to school there.  So together we head off today to do ministry together!  On the way, I say, "Let's pray."  I then pray for our time out teaching and especially for Hannah because she is a little nervous.  She has taught just a couple of her friends before but not a big group.  Anyway, after I prayed she asked me, "Do you always pray before you go and teach?"  "YES!" I told her.  What a great opportunity to talk about the importance of prayer with my daughter!  We get to the compound and the women and children are busy handing out some mealie meal and beans for all the children to take home so we wait for a while.  As I was waiting I had a good talk with one of the women who is SDA.  She began telling me that she has 4 children and that she is a widow.  Her husband died from AIDS 11 years ago and she was also tested at that time and found out she was positive too.  She has been on ARV's for almost 11 years and she is still doing well.  I told her that was a real blessing for her to have these ARV's and how good that it is that it has extended her life.  She said, "No, it is not the ARV's that has extended my life it is because of the Grace of God."  Wow!!  I was touched and I stand corrected!!  Pray for Mary as she takes care of her children and others in her household.  Pray for God's continued grace in her life as well.
Today I storied Gen. 1 and 2.  Then I talked about how God wants us to know how to pray and study His Word so that we can grow closer to Him.  I used A.C.T.S. to talk about prayer-Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication-as a guide for them to use when they pray so that we aren't always just going to God with our hands out asking for things.  After that I taught them how to have a QT by choosing a portion of scripture to read and then asking them to think about 1-what are these verses saying? and 2- what do I need to obey from these verses I just read?  We then chose a portion of scripture in Matthew and practiced.  It was neat to hear what they thought the bible said and also how they thought they needed to obey.  They did well applying it to their lives.
Hannah's group made name tags made out of suns.  Then she also taught on Gen. 1-2.  They colored a pic. from each of the days of creation.  They memorized Gen. 1:1, sang some songs, and played a game.  I am so proud of her for doing this.  She seemed to really enjoy it and is already talking about next time.  Pray for her as she plans for the next time.  Amai Esther said that next time there would be more kids!

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