Sunday, December 25, 2011

What did you get for Christmas?

I remember when I was a little girl as soon as our family opened up all of our presents I would rush to call my friend who lived right next door to see what she got for Christmas and then we would visit each other to see everything.  It seems those first few days after Christmas everywhere you go people are asking you what you got.  Why not, what did you give?  After all, it is not our birthday that we are celebrating.  I'm not saying there is anything wrong with getting or giving gifts we just need to make sure that our focus is on Jesus.  Anyway, as I reflect on the true meaning of Christmas I am reminded of what this world is like and how we can try to change the mindset of people along the way especially our children about what it means to give.  So instead of telling you all the wonderful things I received this Christmas let me tell you about the favorite gift that I gave.
My favorite gift that I gave was given to Justin and Hannah who in turn gave to someone in need. Last week I gave them each  a certain amount of money and told them they couldn't keep it but had to find someone to give it to or to buy something with it to help someone else in need. It couldn't be someone they knew. When Hannah and I went to teach last Monday in the compound we found out about a little boy named Emanuel who is 11(but looks like he is 8), a double orphan, and is HIV positive. The woman in charge of the school said he needed a back pack for school.  She did not want us to just give him the money because she said the aunt would just keep it for herself and it wouldn't go to the child.  So Hannah bought the back pack and Justin bought him some school supplies. I added some cookies and banana bread. He had the biggest smile on his little face when we gave him his gift and of course I had tears in my eyes.  
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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