Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Yesterday we had the privilege of going to an afternoon tea to celebrate the 9 students who will be graduating from the Baptist Theological Seminary.  Some of the faculty prepared some different foods for us to enjoy and then we had punch.  Even though it is called a tea it is just a little too hot to drink hot tea this time of year. After our refreshments we sat outside on the porch and each graduate went around and shared their testimony of how they had seen God work in their lives throughout their time at the seminary.  Over and over again most of them talked about God's provision and His faithfulness!  They all were so thankful for the teachers, the other students, and their families for their support and encouragement over the years.  They have learned much and even had opportunities to put into practice all that they have learned.  Now it is time for them to leave the seminary life and head out to where God is leading them.  Two of the couples are going back out to our old area east of Lusaka so we are very excited about that. 
Saturday is the graduation day for the Baptist Theological Seminary of Zambia. Please continue to pray for the families as they leave the Seminary and adjust to new places of service. Also pray for the new students who are preparing to come to the Seminary in December.

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