Sunday, November 13, 2011

You know it is hot when....

Have I mentioned before that it is really hot in Zambia right now.  We are trying to patiently wait on the rains to help cool things off a bit and get rid of some dust but it is difficult at times to be patient.  Please pray for the rains to start soon!
Today after baking in a tin roofed church for two hours we decided that we must be WELL DONE!  Then when we got home we discovered the power was off which meant no fans.  As we were just sitting still in front of some windows which were not producing any breeze  I decided to come up with some ways which you know it is hot when.  So here is my list:

You know it is hot when.....
-ice melts in your drink before you sit down to drink it.
-if you are young you just walk around in your underware.
-if you have to change your clothes at least twice during the day.
-if you have to take a cold shower before bed just to bring your body temp. down so you can sleep.
-if you wear antiperspirant and deoderent but the antiperspirant doesn't work and you wonder what is the point anyway.  
-Baby powder is your friend.
-if you discover it only takes 2 fingers to drive your car.
-you turn on the cold water tap and only hot water comes out.
-you have to stare hard at the fan to confirm that its working, since it does not produce a cool breeze at full speed.

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