Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Rain drops keep falling on my head.....

 The rainy season in Zambia usually begins in November and ends sometime by the end of March or beginning of April.  The rest of the year it will not rain at all.  Zambians depend on a good rainy season so that their crops will grow well and produce enough food for them for the whole year.  If the rains are not good and their crops fail they experience hunger.  
We have been waiting on the rains to come so it could at least cool things off a bit here.  We were so excited when it rained this past Sunday for about 25 min.  Monday it rained for about 10 min. Then today it rained for only about 5 min.  We are thankful for whatever rain falls because it cools things off quite a bit and gets rid of all the dust(for a while). 
Please pray that this will be a great rainy season and that all over Zambia the people will have successful crops.

 Sometimes when the rain first comes we let the kids play out in it.  Hannah is enjoying jumping on the trampoline in the rain.

Let the rain continue to fall!

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