Tuesday, June 5, 2012

40/40 Staff

 This was the awesome staff during this session of 40/40.  The program could not have existed without these wonderful people sacrificing their time and their own personal ministries to come and help lead this program.  I know by some of these pictures that it looks like we just played the whole time but these people really worked hard the entire time.  We are so thankful for each of them!

 Somehow, there were two intruders in our picture(in the back).

This is the result of the two intruders!  Poor Jane Anne got knocked over flat!
 me and Sally

Linda enjoying life by the pool.
 me and Kevin with Anna Grace

 During some of our free time we enjoyed some shopping!

Bart and Jane
 Not sure if you can tell in this picture but this is Don talking to Sara and member care listening through the window.  They really weren't listening we were just trying to get some good pics.

 Renee C. enjoying some ice cream

Tim C. getting pushed into the pool by Mat L.
It's the end of 40/40!

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