Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ibis Time

When people come back from their homestays early Monday morning they board a bus and head back towards Lusaka.  The final part of the 40/40 program is at Ibis Gardens about 1 hour north of Lusaka.   They arrive mid-afternoon and enjoy a quick dip in the pool and  a shower before we debrief their homestays.  For the next several days the mornings are filled with PILAT training.  This is a language learning training program that is taught.  Then in the afternoons they have free time or their debriefing time.  Here are a few pics. from Ibis.

 the older girls decided to one night go for a dip in the pool with their clothes on

 the kids always enjoy swimming even if the water is freezing

 people enjoy getting on the internet
 On the last night we have a talent show.  It is always full of laughter and fun!

the talent was abounding!

the older girls did a  song and dance for us

group hug

The whole 40/40 group! 
They are all back in their places of service now.  Please be praying for them as some begin language learning and then some begin ministry.  Pray they will remember all that the learned during 40/40 and be able to apply it in their countries.

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