Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good Times!

The guys are still gone but should be coming back tonight.  Here are a few more pictures of what us girls have been doing.  We have played games. 
 baked cookies

 Yesterday, my friend Betty invited us to go to the market to buy vegetables and fruit.  There are so many choices and food that looks so good!

 These are radishes!  They are huge!

 A view of the inside of the building

 The lettuce looked wonderful!  We'll eat some tonight!

 dried fish

Here are the things we came home with from the market.
 We walked to Zebra Crossing to have tea.

 tea time goodies

We had a lovely tea with scones and lemon cake.
We visited the little gift shop.

 We got to try some belgium chocolate and we bought some.

 Then for dinner we went to Mike's Kitchen.

Another good day!!

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