Sunday, June 10, 2012

Short trip to Lake Kariba

We spent one night at Lake Kariba.  We have had several of our mission meetings here in the past so it was fun to come back and visit again.

There are lots of rocks to climb on so we went for a little hike.

Kevin and Zach decided to wade across the water to get to some more rocks.  Hannah and I stayed behind and just watched from across the water.  

There can be crocodiles and hippos in this water but some people assured us that there shouldn't be any where we were. 

These boys were running in the sand and jumping onto this rock and doing flips off of it.  Kevin went and joined in the fun too!

It was a beautiful view in the evening of the sunset.

Before we left we took out the paddle boat for a little while.

On our way home we stopped at a bridge which has some good rocks to climb on.  Usually, there is more water here but this time it was quite dry.

Zach and Hannah

Kevin skipping rocks.

When we reached Lusaka we drove past the only drive thru in the city, KFC, so we decided to stop and get some lunch. 

We enjoyed our short trip to the Lake!

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