Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Parents are in Zambia!!

 My parents arrived in Zambia June 7th!  This is there very first time to come visit us here and they are staying until June 27th!  We are so excited to have them here and show them where we have lived since 1997!  Here are a few pictures of the first couple of days.

The morning after they arrived we woke up to having no power.  Africa is really breaking them in good!!  So after a long time of it not coming on we ended up going to a place called Mugg & Bean.  I think my dad liked the bottomless coffee!          

That night I made homemade pizza for dinner!

 We had just finished eating our pizza when the power went out.  I had already made up some ice cream and just needed to add the final ingredients to get it ready to put in the ice cream maker.  I had to do it with the use of my headlamp.

in the dark
 playing Just Dance on the Wii

 We walked to the guest house.

 We visited Kevin in his office.

 View of office and part of the gh.

 Hannah and Zach with Nahonge. He is one of the guards and yard worker at the gh.  He also use to work for us when we first lived in Lusaka back in 1997.

 Me and Elistina.  She has worked at the gh for many years cleaning the rooms.  She is a special friend..

 Dinner Time

 Papa on his ipad.

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